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Introduction to Geosciences (1) (GEO 1001): Introduce the dynamic nature of the Earth and the development of structures or surficial features resulting from physical and chemical processes. 
Geochemistry (GEO 3001):  In this class, the frontier topics and current projects in the field of chemical geology will be outlined. Both theoretical and practical aspects will be emphasized to understand local and global paleo-tectonic, environmental and climatic changes. Applications to different fields of Earth Sciences will be given. 
Biogeochemistry and Climate (AtmSci 5058): The goal of this course is to discuss and explore the sensitivity of the climate system to the chemical composition of the atmosphere with an emphasis on the connections to biospheric processes.
Introduction to Paleoceanography (GEO 7065): Observastions from sediments, tree rings, ice cores and various other proxies suggest that the earth’s climate has changed both systematically and abruptly over the course of the earth’s history. These observations offerred some of the most puzzling climate problems that are yet to be explained. This class will cover the bascis knowledge and methods in studying past climate varibilities using models and observations, and will discuss a few selected paleoclimate problems. 
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